Earn Extra Money Sharing Design Products

Earn Extra Money Sharing Design Products

Earn Money

Earn 25% Sharing My Product From Design Bundle

Hi, If you run a Blog, Facebook Group/Page or Website related to design and want to earn some extra money so this affiliate program is just for you!

Share links quickly and easily and get paid for it with our easy to use design affiliate program.

Now recommending my products and of the others ones  on Design Bundles or Font bundles the one of Markets with more growth on the net: photos and graphics, you can earn some extra money, 25% of each sale.


Advantages of being DB affiliate

Unbeatable Experience
We treat our customers the way they should be treated. With respect, integrity and by putting ourselves in our customers shoes. You can expect the very best experience with Design Bundles.

  • 25% sales for life on every sale made under you referral ID.
  • 48 hour pay outs! No waiting around until the end of the month for the money you have earned.

Sales For Life
When we say for life – that is exactly what we mean! For every user you refer, you continue to get 25% commission on all of their purchases – for life!

Easy to Use
Share on different social media platforms in 1 click, copy and paste to your website/blog with our easy to use promotional assets, get banners and promotional tools and get 1 on 1 on support whenever you need it!

How to register?

Go to Design Bundles Affiliate Page, register and start earning.

So happy Sharing and Earning…..


by Apr 6, 2017
How To Remove Noise From Your Photos?

How To Remove Noise From Your Photos?


Shoot Photos Anywhere, Anytime And Don´t Be Worry About The Noise

The noise in photos it is one of the biggest nightmares for many photographers especially if your camera make photos in jpg format and low light conditions.


But what is the image noise?

It can be described as granules that you can see in the photo that was taken in very poor light or look like a misprinted image and it is also the reason why many stock agencies do not accept your photos because noisy images are fatal and you can´t use them for any project.


Some new cameras can make clear crisp photos until 25000 ISO but not everyone has that kind of camera and also such ones sometimes can produce sometimes images.

So what can you do if you images are good but very noisy? Throw it to trash?

No, you can rescue you images using denoise program that will solve the problem.

What is denoise program and how it works?

It can be described as doctor for your images that help returning your photo to life and its glory, it sounds very poetic, denoise program removes noise from your photo and now you can show your new clear and crisp picture to all the world.

In the market there is a lot of denoise plugins and programs but not all are denoising correctly distorting some details in the photo.

After trying different programs my favorite is Topaz Denoise that I used to repair some of my photos that after were accepted in Dreamstime. This photo was taken in good light with ISO 100 however the picture was grainy.


Topaz Denoise actually version 6 can work as stand-alone, photoshop or lightroom plugin, it removes distracting image noise while preserving image detail so you can shot photos in low light conditions with high ISO. The program is very easy to use and do very well his work.




Another good point for it is that you pay $79,99 (until March 20/2016 you can purchase it for 49,99 using: NOISEFREE coupon code) for Topaz Denoise only once and all future updates are free. So I consider it a good investment for any photographer.

by Feb 26, 2016
How To Choose The Right WordPress Theme?

How To Choose The Right WordPress Theme?


Choose the right WordPress theme that will save your time and money

WordPress is most popular platform for blogging and web creation and in the market there is a big number of  themes for all needs. Lately designs and features have improved so much that some of themes are true works of art but for one who want to create his first blog or web based on WordPress finding a suitable theme it can give a big headache. So how to choose a right theme for you needs. Now we will see some tips to keep in mind en choosing a right theme.


First of all before running to buy the first theme you have seen on internet plane your site and make a sketch of how it should be: web, magazine, blog, portfolio, with online shop or not, etc. To do this will help you have clear ideas and will save you a lot of precious time.


Free or premium theme depends of your needs. You can perfectly make a blog using free theme but it have more limited options compared with one premium and over time you may have other needs as personalize colors or fonts of your site or need more advanced options that gives you more control over you site.

If you plan to monetize your creative projects, sell products, build professional portfolio or work as freelancer building webs for your clients then It is better to opt for premium themes.


Good and quick support it is fundamental, you will need help to install your theme or to solve problems that sometimes arise from incompatibilities with third party plugins or others.


Internet is changing constantly with his technology and the same occurs with WordPress platform and Internet browsers so it is important that you theme receive future updates compatible with new versions of WordPress.

Some companies give only one year updates, after that period you need to buy another license, others give you perpetual updates.


Security of your site should be also capital for you so having a secure template is very important.


On how many websites you want to use your theme? Most companies that sell their themes offer one site license so if you plan use your theme in various web sites then look for a company that offers multi-site license in this manner you will save a lot of money.


This is also one of most important points. The theme you choose should by easy to customize so you can create your site as soon as possible without complications.


Responsiveness it means that your site  automatically adapts on different devices as tablet or mobile phone. Many of old templates are not responsive and it can be solved with some plugin for that purpose but is better to have responsive template and prevent incompatibilities that can cause some plugins.


Some companies are ahead of the needs of the buyer and equip their themes with plenty of widgets and options that are necessary for your site to work without installing third party plugins. For example: ads, contact form, share buttons, about the author box, sliders, portfolio,etc.


As I mentioned in the beginning of this post there are tons of companies with their themes of all colors, sizes and prizes but I would like to show only some of them.

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is a very solid and growing company with 88 very elegant themes (21 responsives) and 6 plugins that can be used on unlimited websites, perpetual updates and premium support.

The latest most popular themes are:

Divi, actually version 3 is the Ultimate Multi-Purpose Theme powered by Divi Builder and with Visual Builder.

Comes with 46 Content elements and 20+ Layouts Templates ready to use, you can also create your own layouts and share them with the Divi Community. 

This is really amazing, fully customizable modular theme that allow you to make almost any kind of web whether it’s a blog, magazine or corporate web and you can take a full control over the aspect of your site.

Divi has support for Woocommerce with and Easy Digital Downloads plugins so you can create a web to sell physical and digital products.



Extra, is the Ultimate Magazine theme perfect for bloggers and online-publication.

It’s also powered by the Divi Builder, giving you the ultimate flexibility to create diverse categories, homepages and story-driven posts that will keep your visitors engaged and coming back for more.

Extra comes with many generous addons as spectacular mega menu, portfolio, share buttons at the end of every post, related post, author box and many options where to put ads and much more.

In general Divi Builder modules are equipped with functions that will save you to install a lot of third party plugins.

Extra wordpress theme


Elegant Themes sell their themes as subscription in two interesting modes:

Developer $89 year – access to all themes and plugins.

Lifetime Access $249 – access to all themes and plugins – one time fee.


Theme Fuse

Modern & Responsive WordPress Themes

For Business & Corporate Web

Theme fuse is a team of experienced web design enthusiasts, specialized in creating out of the box Premium WordPress themes and now have more than 45 Themes in their portfolio for all needs: business, blog, portfolio and so on.

All of the themes comes with features and usability functionalities that are very powerful yet simple to use.

With their TestLabs feature you can try the WordPress back-end admin and see if the theme meets your needs.

Every purchase comes with access to our help desk where questions are answered fast and to the point.


Personal: One theme for single website – $89 – $49 – Paid Only Once.

Developer: All themes for unlimited websites – $149 – $79 – Paid Every Year.

Lifetime: All themes for unlimited websites – $399 – $179 – Paid Only Once.


Below you can see three most popular themes from Theme Fuse:



Mythemeshop has 91 secure and fast loading responsive premium themes with engaging and beautiful designs for all needs and unlimited domain usage: blog, magazine, portfolio, shop, etc that 15 are free and 16 premium plugins.

Their themes have very nice control panel where you can easily personalize many aspects of your theme as colors, fonts, layouts, slider, social shares, etc.

Mythemeshop sell their themes and plugins in two modes:

Single Product (Theme or Plugin) $29 – $59

Extended Membership $348 year – access to all themes and plugins

Mythemeshop themes have only one year support and update after that if you need updates and support then you have to renovate your member plan.

The support is very good and quick. You can also register for free and enjoy free themes and plugins.

The most popular theme is Socially Viral, very light that will Boost Social Shares, Traffic & Revenue.

socially viral

Theme Forest

In fact is not a company that make their own themes, it is part of a high quality marketplace Envato where other companies sell their products .

Although you can start buying from $3 however WordPress themes start from $34 in wide variety of themes but one of them Avada is worth of special  attention, it is best selling multi purpose responsive theme.

avada wordpress theme


The license that offer Themeforest is always for one site, 6 month support and cover future updates. You can register for free and enjoy every month free template.


You can see that every company is different with different plans, prizes and licenses and the choice of one theme or another one is personal decision depending of your needs but it is good to analyze different options and prices.

If for example you plan to have different websites so in my opinion the Lifetime Access is very good choice as is the case of Elegant Themes and Theme Fuse

by Jan 1, 2016
Sell your images and earn money doing what you like

Sell your images and earn money doing what you like


Sell your images on internet and earn extra money

The dream of many people is to make money doing what they like, this principle applies in all professional areas and it is normal because when you do what you like you are happier.

So whether you are a professional or amateur photographer, graphic designer, illustrator and are enjoying doing it, now you can benefit from your images, you can sell your images and earn extra money.


In our time as never before we are flooded with images and there is great demand for pictures in many areas. As often as trends change every time new images are needed.

Sure you have a computer full of different images and probably do not know the number of them, but you can classify you collection and put it for sale in companies named Photo Banks or Stock Images.

Where to sell?

On the Internet there are a lot of Stock Image companies but is it necessary to sell your images in all of them? No, for people who want to start selling their images or creative works I recommend: Dreamstime

Dreamstime is one of the oldest companies in the market of stock images and with the highest percentage of profits until 60% if you are exclusive contributor, to be exclusive it is a personal decision and you have to know that the exclusivity implies that your photos can only be sold in this company, you can not make derived works of your images and sell them for example in Zazzle .

Dreamstime is also less restrictive than others companies although it has its quality standards. The minimum to receive payment is $100.

To start in Dreamstime simply register, it is free and start to upload your images. The minimum size to upload is: 3MP in jpg format, you can upload photos, illustrations, short videos. There i a FAQ link where you can read more about what kind of images is looking Dreamstime for.

Another good company is Shutterstock although is very restrictive, first you must to submit 10 of your best images for review and if you’ve been accepted then you can start to submit more images to sell.

The minimum size is 4 MP jpg, they also accept vectors, videos and music but only original 100% produced by oneself. The minimum to receive payment is $30.

How much can I earn?

This is a good question. It depend of many factors, one factor is if your photos have a good market value, also  depends on your creativity, if for example your images are conceptual, there is high demand for this type of images then you have a good chance to earn more although of course you can sell photos of landscapes flowers pets, etc.

Here is some example of one conceptual image from Dreamstime and you can see it value. It is also good to know the trends, for example some days ago Pantone, the famous color company announced that in the next year 2016 the trendy colors will be “rose quartz and blue serenity” it can give you some idea about what people can demand. While it is obvious that you’re not making the rich overnight selling images but you never know, you can never say never.

I hope you enjoyed this article, if so then subscribe to news.

by Dec 9, 2015
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