Would You Be The Next Top World´s Stock Photographer?

Would You Be The Next Top World´s Stock Photographer?


The Top World´s Stock Photographer, Yuri Arcurs, is hosting his fifth Elite Academy Program with the purpose of producing the most talented and competent photographers in the world. This privately funded program runs for two years, where you could be given a once in a lifetime opportunity to get photography training from the industry’s leading expert, travel to exotic locations, and acquire working experience through interactions with real projects, clients and top models.

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by Jan 10, 2016
Sell your images and earn money doing what you like

Sell your images and earn money doing what you like


Sell your images on internet and earn extra money

The dream of many people is to make money doing what they like, this principle applies in all professional areas and it is normal because when you do what you like you are happier.

So whether you are a professional or amateur photographer, graphic designer, illustrator and are enjoying doing it, now you can benefit from your images, you can sell your images and earn extra money.


In our time as never before we are flooded with images and there is great demand for pictures in many areas. As often as trends change every time new images are needed.

Sure you have a computer full of different images and probably do not know the number of them, but you can classify you collection and put it for sale in companies named Photo Banks or Stock Images.

Where to sell?

On the Internet there are a lot of Stock Image companies but is it necessary to sell your images in all of them? No, for people who want to start selling their images or creative works I recommend: Dreamstime

Dreamstime is one of the oldest companies in the market of stock images and with the highest percentage of profits until 60% if you are exclusive contributor, to be exclusive it is a personal decision and you have to know that the exclusivity implies that your photos can only be sold in this company, you can not make derived works of your images and sell them for example in Zazzle .

Dreamstime is also less restrictive than others companies although it has its quality standards. The minimum to receive payment is $100.

To start in Dreamstime simply register, it is free and start to upload your images. The minimum size to upload is: 3MP in jpg format, you can upload photos, illustrations, short videos. There i a FAQ link where you can read more about what kind of images is looking Dreamstime for.

Another good company is Shutterstock although is very restrictive, first you must to submit 10 of your best images for review and if you’ve been accepted then you can start to submit more images to sell.

The minimum size is 4 MP jpg, they also accept vectors, videos and music but only original 100% produced by oneself. The minimum to receive payment is $30.

How much can I earn?

This is a good question. It depend of many factors, one factor is if your photos have a good market value, also  depends on your creativity, if for example your images are conceptual, there is high demand for this type of images then you have a good chance to earn more although of course you can sell photos of landscapes flowers pets, etc.

Here is some example of one conceptual image from Dreamstime and you can see it value. It is also good to know the trends, for example some days ago Pantone, the famous color company announced that in the next year 2016 the trendy colors will be “rose quartz and blue serenity” it can give you some idea about what people can demand. While it is obvious that you’re not making the rich overnight selling images but you never know, you can never say never.

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by Dec 9, 2015
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