Shoot Photos Anywhere, Anytime And Don´t Be Worry About The Noise

The noise in photos it is one of the biggest nightmares for many photographers especially if your camera make photos in jpg format and low light conditions.


But what is the image noise?

It can be described as granules that you can see in the photo that was taken in very poor light or look like a misprinted image and it is also the reason why many stock agencies do not accept your photos because noisy images are fatal and you can´t use them for any project.


Some new cameras can make clear crisp photos until 25000 ISO but not everyone has that kind of camera and also such ones sometimes can produce sometimes images.

So what can you do if you images are good but very noisy? Throw it to trash?

No, you can rescue you images using denoise program that will solve the problem.

What is denoise program and how it works?

It can be described as doctor for your images that help returning your photo to life and its glory, it sounds very poetic, denoise program removes noise from your photo and now you can show your new clear and crisp picture to all the world.

In the market there is a lot of denoise plugins and programs but not all are denoising correctly distorting some details in the photo.

After trying different programs my favorite is Topaz Denoise that I used to repair some of my photos that after were accepted in Dreamstime. This photo was taken in good light with ISO 100 however the picture was grainy.


Topaz Denoise actually version 6 can work as stand-alone, photoshop or lightroom plugin, it removes distracting image noise while preserving image detail so you can shot photos in low light conditions with high ISO. The program is very easy to use and do very well his work.